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lundi 14 janvier 2019

SMOKY BABE/ Complete Recordings

SMOKY BABE/ Complete Recordings


Born Robert Brown on July, 31st 1927 in Itta Bena (Ms), Smoky Babe has been one of the very best discovery from the Blues Revival era. A sharecropper helping his family at an early age and during years around Itta Bena, Smoky Babe has taken the guitar and the blues under the strong influence of Robert Petway and Tommy McClennan, seeing them performing and listening to their records. He developed the same rhythmic guitar style, full of a furious energy, the similar passionate singing and, if one adds a great ability to compose autobiographic blues and to make every standard his own, you sure have with him a major bluesman!
            During the late 1940's and maybe at his mother's death, Smoky Babe leaves the miserable sharecropping to work in a factory in Alabama, then in New Orleans where he works as a longshoreman while playing sometimes in local clubs. Around 1953, he marries and the couple settles in Baton Rouge, buying a little farm and finding a good job as a car mechanic in a garage. He anyway plays here and there, mostly at friends' parties. It's like that and only by chance that Harry Oster discovers him in February 1960 during a party at Robert Pete Williams' house (his neighbor) where there are other Robert Pete's neighbors, Lazy Lester, Clyde Causey or William and Sally Dotson! Oster is stunned by Smoky's talents and then records him substantially during the following days. Those wonderful records when issued on several albums and anthologies stir interest in the then small coterie of blues buffs in the USA and Europe. But Smoky, quite suspicious, would turn down any offer to appear at colleges or festivals during the early 1960's, liking better to catch his steady work at his garage and his farm than trying his chance on a musical career.
            He is reported to have died in Scottlandville around May 1973.
            We have gathered here all his known recordings in chronological order. That still leaves at least 20 unissued tracks that are probably by now at the Smithsonian and that we certainly would be eager to be able to listen to!
                                                                       Gérard HERZHAFT

Complete Recordings
 = unissued
Smoky Babe (Robert Brown), vcl/g. Scotlandville, La, 6 february 1960
01. Shake, shake Mattie
Biscuit bakin’ mama
Smoky Babe, vcl/g. Scotlandville, La, 10 february 1960
02. Long way from home
03. I’m goin’ back to Mississippi
04. I'm goin' away
Baby don’t you want to go?
Smoky Babe, vcl/g; Sally Dotson, vcl. Scotlandville, La. 25 february 1960
Dell on the mountain
05. Rabbit blues n°1
06. Rabbit blues n°2
07. Ghost blues
Smoky Babe, vcl/g; William Dotson, vcls. Scotlandville, 25 february 1960
08. Two wings
Smoky Babe, vcl/g. Scotlandville, La, 27 february 1960
09. Bad luck and trouble
10. Now your man done gone
11. I’m broke and I’m hungry
12. Bad whiskey
13. Going back home
14. Goin' home blues
15. Melvanie blues
16. Ocean blues
17. Boogie woogie rag
Low down woman
Smoky Babe, vcl/g; Lazy Lester, hca. Scotlandville, La. 27 february 1960
18. Mississippi River
19. Too many women n°1
20. Too many women n°2
21. My baby she told me
22. My baby put me down
Smoky Babe, vcl/g; Clyde Causey, hca. Scotlandville, La. 27 february 1960
23. Ain’t got no rabbit dog
24. Black gal
25. Locomotive blues
Smoky Babe, g. Scotlandville, La. 6 march 1960
26. Boogy
27. Boogie gal
28. If I had listened what my mama say
29. I'm goin' home on the morning train
Smoky Babe, vcl/g; Sally Dotson, vcls; Hilary Blunt, g. Scotlandville, La. 14 april 1960
30. Your dice won’t pass
31. Black ghost
Smoky Babe, vcl/g. Scotlandville, La. 3 november 1960
32. Talkin' baby
33. Backyard boogie
Leavin’ blues
Smoky Babe, vcl/g. Scotlandville, La. 6 january 1961
No special rider
Mean mistreatin’ woman
Smoky Babe, vcl/g; Sally Dotson, vcls on *; Lazy Lester, hca. Scotlandville, La. 10 february 1961
34. Chicago bound
35. Somethin’ wrong with my machine*
Down by the waterfall
Smoky Babe, vcl/g. Scotlandville, La. 10 march 1961
Hard times blues
Smoky Babe, vcl/g. Scotlandville, La. 27 march 1961
36. Insect blues
37. Boss man blues
38. Way back in the country blues
Smoky Babe, vcl/g. Scotlandville, La. 1 april 1961
39. I went down 61 Highway
40. Hottest brand goin’
41. Regular blues
42. Arkansas blues
43. What's wrong with you
44. Working on Mr Walter's farm
Smoky Babe, vcl/g. Scotlandville, La. 14 june 1961
45. Cold, cold snow
46. Diggin' my potatoes
47. I'm wild about you black gal
Smoky Babe, vcl/g. Vance, Ms, 10 august 1961
Cotton field blues
Smoky Babe, vcl/g. Vance, Ms, 11 august 1961
48. Terraplane blues
Friends, goodbye
Car trouble blues
Back home again
Smoky Babe, vcl/g. Annie Brown, vcls on *; Clyde Causey, hca; Hilary Blunt, g. Vance, Ms. 12 august 1961
Won’t be back til fall
Bad bad whiskey
Shoot him along
Ain’t it hard to be a nigger*
Segregation blues
Mr. Bug & Mr. Bug

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    1. Going Downtown Boogie (14-4-60) on Country Negro Jam for Arhoolie CD372
      Cotton Field Blues (10-08-61) on the same Arhoolie CD372

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