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dimanche 11 avril 2021







Let's go back once again to New Orleans, folks!

            For this new volume of our New Orleans series, we are starting with singer, guitarist/ bassist Billy Tate. Born blind, Billy Tate was quite active in New Orleans during the 1950's, doing many club and venues appearances, a lot of session works and recording 13 tracks under his name for several labels like Imperial or Peacock. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find much biographic details on this fine and underrated artist.

            Sylvester Saunders (George Sanders Le Blanc) is another very fine New Orleans singer who recorded only three singles for famous producer Cosimo Matassa during 1953-54. He was born in New Orleans on 24th December 1929 and died at home in New Orleans, 14 September 1998.

            Allen (or Alan) "Fats" Matthews, also known as Fat Man Matthews was the front singer for Dave Bartholomew's band during the 1950's after Dave saw him perform at the Tijuana Club, searching for a Clyde McPhatter type of vocalist. Matthews recorded three singles under his name with Bartholomew's band. He was for a while member of the vocal groups, The Hawks but resurfaced as a solo leader during the late 1966 for a last session, still fronting Bartholomew's band. Fats Matthews was born in 1931 probably in New Orleans. At that time, I've not been able to be sure of when (or even if) he died and where.

            Almost all of the facts in this article come from John Broven (his first rate book Walking to New Orleans), Bob Eagle (Blues/ A regional experience) and Marv Goldberg's article about The Hawks. Thanks also to Rockthishouse for helping me get some rare tracks.

                                              Gérard HERZHAFT



BILLY TATE, vcl/g; band. New Orleans, La. 1953

01. I've got news for you baby

02. Love is a crazy thing

Billy Tate, vcl/g; Lee Allen, t-sax; Huey Smith, pno; bs; dms. New Orleans, La. november 1953

03. Ooh ohh baby

04. Cryin' in the morning

Billy Tate, vcl/g; Lee Allen, t-sax; Herb Hardesty, a-sax; Fats Domino, pno; Frank Fields, bs; Cornelius Coleman, dms. New Orleans, La. 19 november 1954

05. You told me

06. Single life

Billy Tate, vcl/g; band. New Orleans, La. october 1956

07. Don't call my name

08. Right from wrong

Billy Tate, vcl/g/acc; band. New Orleans, La. 1956

09. Lifetime in prison I & II

Billy Tate, vcl/g; band. Crowley, La. 1959

10. Pray on my child

11. Special lesson n°1

12. Teasin' around with me

13. Right or wrong

SYLVESTER SAUNDERS, vcl; band. New Orleans, La. may 1953

14. I want you

15. My dreams are all in vain

Sylvester Saunders, vcl; Big Boy Myles, tb; Alfred Bernard, a-sax; David Lastie, t-sax; Sugar Ray Crawford, pno; Snooks Eaglin, g; Frank Fields, bs; Eric Warner, dms. New Orleans, La. november 1953

16. Let's have some fun

17. Get away

Sylvester Saunders, vcl; James Sugar Boy Crawford, pno/vcls; Big Boy Myles, tb; Alfred Bernard, a-sax; David Lastie, t-sax; Snooks Eaglin, g; Frank Fields, bs; Eric Warner, dms. New Orleans, La. january 1954

18. Please believe me

19. Long lost stranger

FATS MATTHEWS, vcl; Dave Bartholomew, tpt; The Four Kittens, vcls; band. New Orleans, La. november 1952

20. Later baby

21. When boy meets girl

Fats Matthews, vcl; band. New Orleans, La. 17 march 1953

22. Down the line

23. You know it

Fats Matthews, vcl; band. New Orleans, La. 3 august 1953

24. I'm thankful

25. Goin' down

Fats Matthews, vcl; Dave Bartholomew, tpt/vcls; band. New Orleans, La. december 1966

26. Junk man

27. Hey hey


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