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mardi 31 mai 2022






Let's go back to the Louisiana Swamps!

            Our 4th opus starts with singer/guitarist Jimmy Dotson. Born in Ethel, near Baton Rouge on October 19 1933 Jimmy started to sing in his family's local church, learned to play drums and guitar and started professionally as a member of the Rhythm Ramblers, Silas Hogan's backing band. In 1959-60, Swamp blues creator J.D. Miller recorded Dotson as a session man and issued four tracks under Dotson's name, singing and playing guitar on Zynn and Rocko labels. Dotson went to Memphis for a while, playing in clubs all over town and the nearby venues. He recorded another single in 1963 backed by the famous Willie Mitchell's unit. Relocated in Houston, Dotson was still active until his death on March 26, 2017 in Houston, appearing at several festival like the Baton Rouge Blues Festival. James Dotson must not be confused with the Soul artist of the same name from Baltimore.


            Although he has recorded quite extensively, I have not much information about Ville Platte's artist Donnie Jacobs (Donald Jacob) who sings and plays guitar, accordion and bass. His first recordings were pure Swamp blues with the classic Street walkin' woman much revered among Swamp blues' buffs. After several singles on the same vein, Donnie would take again his real name (Donald Jacob) for more recordings, 45s and albums, in a more Zydeco and Soul styles.



Morris "Big" Chenier (1914-78) was Clifton's uncle and played fiddle, guitar and sang on numerous recordings as well as under his own name around his Opelousas home. He learned the guitar with Louisiana's songster Lennette Scott and the fiddle with locally famous fiddler Antoine Valet. In 1958, Big Chenier embarked for a few years in a full time musical career, fronting his own band all around Louisiana and the Gulf Coast and up to Houston.


                                                                       Gérard HERZHAFT



JIMMY DOTSON, vcl/dms; Sylvester Buckley, hca; Silas Hogan, g; Isaiah Chatman, bs. Crowley, La. 1959

01. I wanna know

02. Looking for my baby

03. My poor heart in pain

Jimmy Dotson, vcl/dms; Katie Webster, pno; Silas Hogan, g; Isaiah Chatman, bs. Crowley, La. 26 janvier 1960

04. Oh! Baby

05. I need your love

Jimmy Dotson, vcl; Willie Mitchell, tpt; Bill Forte, t-sax; Billy Mitchell, t-sax; Fred Ford, b-sax; Joe Hill, pno; Louis Steinberg, bs; Al Jackson, dms. Memphis, Tn. 1962

06. Search no more

07. Feel alright

DONNIE JACOBS, vcl/g; Jerry Devillier, hca; g; dms. Ville Platte, La. avril 1966

08. If you want good lovin'

09. Street walkin' woman

10. My love is something special

Donnie Jacobs, vcl/g; band. Ville Platte, La. 1969

11. Love repairman

12. Ring on your finger

Donnie Jacobs, vcl/g; band.

13. Finance man

14. Proud man

Donald Jacobs, vcl/g; band. Ville Platte, La. 1973

15. She kept chewing gum

BIG CHENIER (Morris Chenier), vcl/g; Robert Jackson, pno; Guitar Joe, g; James Williams, bs; Joe Payne, dms. Lake Charles, La. 1957

16. Let me hold your hand

17. Please try to realize

18. The dog and his puppies

19. Going to the City

Big Chenier, vcl/g; Eddie Williams, og; band. Lake Charles, 14 novembre 1960

20. Just couldn't take it

21. Let me hold your hand n°2

Big Chenier, vcl/g; Theodus De Clouet, acc; bs; dms. Lake Charles, 1961

22. I wanna know, I know now

Big Chenier, vcl/fdl; band. Lake Charles, La. c. 1961

23. Come on little girl


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