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This new opus of our "Texas Blues" series is entirely dedicated to the rich Country blues tradition of this State.

            Despite he was rediscovered by Chris Strachwitz in 1967, Manny Nichols (Manuel Nichols) is largely ill documented. He was born on 15th March 1906 at Cuero (Tx) and recorded a handful of tracks at ACA Studios early in 1950, some of them being issued on Imperial but going nowhere. A quite primitive guitar player, Manny's blues music has nevertheless a strong deep feeling that makes his music very rewarding. He died on 25th November 1970 at Victoria (Tx)


            James Tisdom (sometimes nicknamed Smokestack) was born at Goliad (Tx) 17th March 1912 and lived almost all his life around Corpus Christi. He apparently learned guitar at an early age and played the blues while making a living outside music. He anyway managed to record ten tracks for very obscure labels. He would also record during the late 1960's for researcher Mack McCormick. A citizen of Goliad, he became a local character and while playing the blues in a nursing home James was featured on the Victoria Advocate a few years before his passing away at Fort Worth on 5th November 1992.


            Nathaniel "Pops" Overstreet has had the honours of a small article on a Special Houston Living Blues issue by Alan Ainsworth. Born in De Kalb (Tx) 27 July 1928, "Pops" worked most of his life on several steel mills in Illinois and Michigan, learning guitar and the blues from B.B. King's records.

Back to Houston after 1963, Overstreet met Lightnin' Hopkins who taught him some guitar licks and some blues lyrics. To my knowledge, Pops recorded only four tracks and died in Houston on 27th January 2000.


            The cousin of the famous "Smokey" Hogg, John Hogg (born 5 August 1912 at Glenfawn, Tx) was also a deep bluesman and Texas-styled guitar picking who recorded a handful of excellent tracks in 1951. Although he never made a living from his music, John Hogg never stopped playing and he recorded again on 1974. He died at Inglewood, Ca. on 11th November 1997.


            Outside two James Tisdom's tracks all the recordings of those four down home Texas bluesmen have been gathered here.

                                                                       Gérard HERZHAFT


MANNY NICHOLS, vcl/g. Houston, Tx. may 1950

01. Walkin' blues

02. Forgive me baby

03. Forgive me

04. Throw a little boogie

05. Worried life

06. No one to love me

07. Walking talking blues

08. Tall skinny mama blues

JAMES TISDOM, vcl/g; g. Los Angeles, Ca. july 1949

09. Model T. boogie

10. Last affair blues

James Tisdom, vcl/g; hca; bs. Los Angeles, Ca. december 1949

11. Throw this poor dog a bone

12. Winehead swing

13. I feel so good

14. Overhaul blues

James Tisdom, vcl/g; Fats Ferro, pno; bs; dms. San Benito, Tx. 8 march 1950

Just can't take it baby

Selling that stuff

James Tisdom, vcl/g; g; bs. Ideal, Tx. 1951

15. Cadillac blues

16. 51 blues

James Tisdom, vcl/g. Corpus Christi, Tx. may 1968

17. Salty dog rag

18. Steel guitar rag

19. I feel so good

NATHANIEL POPS OVERSTREET, vcl/g. Houston, Tx. 1985

20. Baby please don't go

21. Downtwon boogie

22. Good morning little schoolgirl

23. I'll fly away

JOHN HOGG, vcl/g; Ed Wiley, t-sax; Willie Johnson, pno; Goree Carter, g; Donald Cooks, bs; Ben Turner, dms. Houston, Tx. 9 janvier 1951

24. Got a mean woman

25. Why did you leave me?

John Hogg, vcl/g. Los Angeles, Ca. novembre 1951

26. Worrying blues

27. Black snake blues

28. West Texas blues

John Hogg, vcl/g; Bill Murray, pno. San Diego, Ca. avril 1974

29. I used to be a cowboy

30. I'm going back to Texas

31. Messin' around

32. Please don't leave me

33. You can't do me wrong


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  2. Another amazing share! Thank you so much for all your work.

  3. Merci Gérard
    Toujours aussi pointu pour dénicher des raretés et les "donner" à la communauté qui aime ce blues authentique! Plusieurs découvertes en ce qui me concerne.
    Super en tout cas
    from Hervé

  4. Merci beaucoup M. Herzhaft !

  5. Absolute Great Job Once Again.Big Thanks!

  6. Thank you for latest comp.

  7. Thanks Gerard for this latest collection of rare recordings.

  8. Thanks Gérard, another fine piece of research.

  9. Thanks, Gerard, for this fine collection of great Texas blues.

  10. Merci beaucoup , Mr Herzhaft , pour ce bijou ! Gryllus

  11. J'aurais une requête , svp , si je puis me permettre ..Je recherche désespérément depuis plusieurs années le concert de Johnny Shines au Japon :Live Recording at Yubin Chokin Hall on March 1975 . Des amis n'ont même pas pu me trouver le cd à Tokyo même !.. Il n'a pas été réédité depuis de (trop) nombreuses années ... Pourriez-vous m'aider ? Et je souhaiterais savoir si c'est bien lui , ou Matt Guitar Murphy , qui jouait sur l'album eponyme de Koko Taylor de 1969 ? Merci d'avance pour vos lumières ! Musicalement vôtre , Gryllus

    1. Le concert de Johnny Shines dont vous parlez est entièrement disponible sur YouTube:
      Quant à Koko Taylor, la discographie de Chess est généralement fiable et ne donne nulle part Johnny Shines à la guitare
      Koko Taylor, vcl; Big Walter Horton, hca; M.T. Murphy, g; Buddy Guy, g; Sunnyland Slim, pno; Jack Myers, bs; Willie Dixon, bs; Fred Below, dms. Chicago, Ill. 23 avril1969
      Reportez vous à mon article sur Koko Taylor dans ce blog avec la discographie complète de ses premiers titres

    2. Bonsoir Gérard , avant tout permettez-moi de vous remercier pour le lien sur le tube ! Quant à la session d'enregistrement du 23 avril 1969 de l'album de Koko Taylor , j'ai lu que Johnny Shines ou Matt guitar Murphy partageait la guitare avec Buddy Guy .. Par exemple sur cette discographie (assez complète ) de Johnny Shines ..D'où mon interrogation .. Encore merci et bonne soirée ! Gryllus

    3. La discographie que je donne provient de l'ouvrage Blues Discography 1943-70 (Fancourt & McGraw) la référence habituelle en ce domaine. Johnny Shines n'est "éventuellement" mentionné présent que dans la séance précédente d'octobre 1968 mais il est inaudible à mes oreilles.

    4. ...Entendu ! merci beaucoup pour cette précision ! je ne chercherai donc plus à essayer de reconnaitre la patte de mr Shines sur cet album ..Ce qui me rassure , car c'était jusqu'à présent en vain !..

  12. Merci beaucoup pour ce post à nouveau passionnant