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lundi 1 février 2016

CHICAGO/ The Blues Yesterday Volume 16


Pour ce 16ème volume de notre série, mettons l'accent sur des musiciens qui, entre blues, jazz et Soul et funk naissants, ont accompagné des bluesmen mais ont surtout enregistré sous leur nom des pièces instrumentales qui rencontraient alors les faveurs des jeunes Africains-Américains.
            "Tall" Paul Hankins (né à
Mobile dans l'Alabama le 20 mars 1937) est le pianiste/organiste de nombre de séances de blues derrière Earl Hooker, Bobby Saxton, Freddy Robinson, Lillian Offit.... Il a gravé en vedette une douzaine de titres dans la veine d'un Jimmy Smith, souvent accompagné du guitariste Willie Hudson qui chante sur un blues. Je n'ai que très peu d'informations sur cet excellent claviériste. Actuellement, j'essaie d'en glaner quelques unes auprès de sa petite-fille?
Perry & The Harmonics est un orchestre formé par le saxophoniste Clarence Perry (qui a enregistré avec Roosevelt Sykes, Ella Fitzgerald, etc...) et le pianiste et chanteur Ed Townsend (1929-2003) qui est surtout connu comme compositeur et producteur chez Mercury, Vee Jay, Capitol, Scepter de grands noms depuis Marvin Gaye jusqu'à Etta James, Big Maybelle ou Dee Dee Warwick. Le seul album (un "collector" jamais réédité) de Perry & The Harmonics, Intrigue with Soul, paru en 1965, est composé de titres entièrement inspirés des James Bond de l'époque dont l'irrésistible Do the Monkey with James. Nous présentons ici les titres les plus bluesy de cet album mais, pour ceux qui aiment le Jazz Soul de cette époque, tout est très réussi.
            E. Rodney Jones (1927-2004) était un acteur de cinéma (Mahogany, Three the hard way), propriétaire du célèbre club Burning Spear Lounge avec Pervis Spann et surtout un DJ très populaire à Chicago où sa voix de baryton, chaude et insinuante, son courrier des auditeurs et ses choix musicaux drainaient de fortes audiences sur la station WVON. Rodney Jones a enregistré une poignée de 45t sous son nom, en compagnie de musiciens de premier plan qu'il avait réunis pour l'occasion, en particulier le remarquable guitariste Larry Blasingaine qui enregistrera avec les Jackson Five, Jackie Wilson ou les Emotions...
                                                                       Gérard HERZHAFT
Merci à Mr Mightygroove et Jack Stanton pour leur aide.

            With this 16th opus of our Chicago/ The Blues Yesterday series, we are drifting a little bit outside the hardcore blues for those (still very bluesy) organ-piano-guitar-saxophone instrumentals between jazz, blues, Soul and early Funk which were so popular among the African-Americans during the 1960's.

            "Tall" Paul Hankins (born 20th of March 1937 in Mobile, Alabama) is the keyboardist of numerous sessions, particularly behind Earl Hooker, Bobby Saxton, Lillian Offit, Freddy Robinson, etc... He also recorded a dozen titles under his name in a vein similar to Jimmy Smith or Mc Griff who were enjoying a lot of success at that time. Backing him on lead guitar, Willie Hudson is also featuring here singing a good blues. I still try to gather more infos on Hankins.

            Perry & The Harmonics was a band formed by sax player Clarence Perry (who recorded with Roosevelt Sykes or Ella Fitzgerald) and singer/pianist Ed Townsend (1929-2003) better known as a producer, composer and A&R man at Mercury, Vee Jay, Capitol, Scepter for big names like Marvin Gaye, Etta James, Big Maybelle or Dee Dee Warwick. Their only album (a true "collector" never reissued) Intrigue with Soul from 1965 is entirely made of titles inspired by the James Bond films of the era (with Sean Connery) with the driving irresistible Do the Monkey with James. If we are featuring here the bluesiest tracks for this compilation, all the album is first rate and should please everyone with a taste for Jazz Soul.

E. Rodney Jones (1927-2004) was an actor (Mahogany, Three the hard way) and co-owner with Pervis Spann of the legendary Chicago club, The Burning Spear. Moreover he was a famous Chicago DJ on WVON radio station whose warm baritone voice, listeners' requests and his musical choices attracted strong audiences during more than a decade during the 1960's and 70's. Rodney Jones has also recorded a handful of singles under his name, gathering for the occasion some of the best young Chicago musicians, particularly the remarkable lead guitarist Larry
Blasingaine who would record and tour with the Jackson Five, Jackie Wilson or The Emotions.

            Thanks a lot to Mr Mightygroove and Jack Stanton for their help.

                                                                       Gérard HERZHAFT


TALL PAUL HANKINS, pno; Eddie C. Campbell, g; A.C. Reed, t-sax; Jack Myers, bs; Odie Payne, dms. Chicago, Ill. 1959
01. Teenage hop
I am in love again
Tall Paul Hankins, og; Willie Hudson, g/vcl on *; Bobby Hudson, bs; Joe Hudson, dms. Chicago, Ill. 1964
02. Joe's House Party I & II
03. Red Lips
04. It's you I'm going to miss*
Tall Paul Hankins, og; The Hot Peppers, band. Chicago, Ill. 1965
05. The Turnpike
06. Saint James Infirmary
07. A touch of the blues
08. Hot Spot
Tall Paul Hankins, og; band. Chicago, Ill. 1966
09. My Boogaloo
I did it (Click on it. Thanks to Benoit Blue Boy)
Tall Paul Hankins, pno; band. Chicago, Ill. c. 1967
Rock me baby
Soul searchin'
PERRY & THE HARMONICS: Clarence Perry, t-sax; Ed Townsend, vcl/pno; Paul Pratt, g; Richard Mc Crea, og; Maurice Wells, dms. Chicago, Ill. 1965
10. Do the monkey with James
11. James out of sight
12. Goldfinger's got the blues
13. The James Bond Theme
14. James goes to Soulville
E. RODNEY JONES, vcl; band. Chicago, Ill. 1965
15. R&B Time I & II
16. Soul Heaven
E. Rodney Jones, vcl; Larry Blasingaine, g; The Hippies, band. Chicago, Ill. 1970
17. Chicken on down
18. Football
19. Right on right on
E. Rodney Jones, vcl; Willie Henderson, vcl; band. Chicago, Ill. juin 1972
20. The whole thing
21. Loose Booty
LARRY BLASINGAINE, g; The Hippies, band. Chicago, Ill. 1968
22. Enough for everybody
23. Gimme some of yours

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  1. Chicago/ The Blues Yesterday Volume 16:


  2. Thanks for this. I'm a big fan of Perry & The Harmonics. I have Intrigue With Soul @320 if you're interested.

  3. A-OK!!! Wonderful stuff - thanks!

  4. Merci Gérard, encore un excellent volume Chicago / Blues / Yesterday! qui m'a permis de découvrir les singles de Tall Paul Hankins, dont je ne connaissais que "My Boogaloo", excellent également l'album Perry & The Harmonics! Merci également pour quelques E. Rodney Jones que je n'avais pas et la magnifique photo de Eddie Clearwater en action! Merci aussi à Benoit Blue Boy pour le superbe "I Did It"!

  5. Blues and organ music are among my favorites.So theres nothing better than combining the two. Thanks!

  6. Certainly some obscure artists with this one Gerard. Paul Hankins is the only artist here I'm familiar with; to the best of my knowledge I've never heard any of the others before.

    As always many thanks for making all these rare tracks available to us.

  7. Great to discover several artists i never heard of before . Thanks for another great post !

  8. Un régal !! Un grand merci M.Herzhaft.

  9. Such an outstanding series! I include the 'Chicago Blues Today' along with your valuable sets and I have one awesome playlist that lasts ALL DAY LONG!!! Thank you, Gerard

  10. I thoroughly enjoy everything you post as well as the essential information you provide about the musician(s) and music; however, the series are what I enjoy best. They capture a time or era, and place or region, and provide an expansive overview of the development of the artists and genres within their borders, so that one can listen to how each artist was shaped by his or her predecessors and assess what influences he or she deemed most important in crafting his or her approach to the music as well as what impact he or she had on those who came after him or her.

    I think this Chicago series is especially critical for me because the city was the largest mid-west hub for southern emigrants and their children. The preservation of musical traditions from the various southern states and how they then evolved to create unique and new styles which many in this country and elsewhere would come to regard as the essence of modern blues intrigues and fascinates me. I simply cannot imagine music in this country without Chicago and, too, New Orleans.

    This blog is a rare resource which never fails to leave me informed about and enraptured by the music. Despite these verbose comments, I find that it has become so integral to my listening and enjoyment that words fail to adequately describe its impact. I can only write that my musical world and knowledge of the music are greatly expanded thanks to your love of the music, scholarship and generosity. I am always thankful even if I don't comment sufficiently to express my thanks. En bref, un très grand merci pour tout ce que vous faites.

    1. Thank you very much, Felimid. You're too kind. I just try to be useful with passing to those interested what I've been able to gather and crop during now more than 50 years loving and digging the blues and other American roots music.