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mardi 8 janvier 2019

KING SOLOMON/ Complete Recordings

KING SOLOMON/ Complete Recordings

Several bluesmen have used the "King Solomon" moniker, mainly ace pre-war guitarist King Solomon Hill, the pianist and sometimes singer Ellis Walters Jr (1919-63) who recorded under the name King Solomon or Soloman (sic) as well as a session man behind many West Coast bluesmen as Solomon Ellis. Soul star Solomon Burke also recorded as King Solomon as well as jazz tenor saxophonist Clifford Solomon! And there is now a young good bluesman playing and recording under the name King Solomon Hicks!
               But the only "real" King Solomon (his real name) is this blues singer that we are featuring here. Born King Sylvester Lee Melicious Solomon on 12th October 1934 (or 1940? but this year sometimes given seems to be improbable even impossible) at Tallulah, La, he began to sing in his mother's church before creating his own Gospel a-capella quartet.
               When King Solomon comes to Chicago in 1949 to work as a busboy in a restaurant, he listens more and more the blues in the Windy City's clubs, befriending with Sunnyland Slim. Soon one finds him singing the blues at Theresa's or at Du Sable Lounge. But, tired of the hard Chicago's winters, Solomon settles in Los Angeles in 1954, meeting Charles Brown, Lowell Fulson and Maxwell Davis who encourages him to form his own band. During the late 50's, King Solomon and his Soul Brothers Band play regularly in the L.A. area, Charles Wright holding the lead guitar. In 1961, his first autobiographic record Non Support blues Parts I & II hits the West Coast before being taken over by the Checker label, and then climbing to n°39 on Billboard.
               Solomon then tours the Western States for awhile with big stars like B.B. King, Little Milton, Etta James and even opens for Sammy Davis Jr during a couple of weeks in Davis' cabaret in Las Vegas.
               King Solomon records regularly during the 1960's for a large variety of labels, some important like Kent but generally for small independent ones like Don-J, Magnum or his own Mader-D. With a somewhat poor distribution, those records sell quite confidentially with the exception of the small local hit You are nothing but a teenager.
During the 1970's, Solomon seeks commercial success in turning his music towards the Rock/ Psychedelic audience, his guitarist Joe Kincaid playing constantly the wah-wah guitar and with heavy bass and drums. This is the music featured on the only album recorded as such by Solomon Energy Crisis, probably during the mid-70's (1977 is the date generally admitted).
               Outside a small article on Blues Unlimited, King Solomon was mainly unknown outside his L.A. area until the excellent Dutch Diving Duck label issued a compilation of some of his best tracks during the mid-80's!

               Today, one doesn't know if King Solomon is still living or if so where he lives. Anyway, his recorded work is much worthy. We have tried to gather the complete recordings by this King Solomon but there still are 5 numbers that have been impossible to find. Thanks by advance to anyone who would have them and would be willing to share!
               Thanks to Diving Duck label, Mr Mightygroove and the excellent Groovy Gumbo blog for their help.

King Solomon, vcl; Charles Wright, g; band. Los Angeles, Ca. 1961
01. Non support blues I & II
King Solomon, vcl; Charles Wright, g; band. Los Angeles, Ca. 1962
02. I got to move
03. Uncle John's swinging farm
King Solomon, vcl; Charles Wright, g; band. Los Angeles, Ca. 1963
04. Louisiana groove
05. I'm in love with you
06. My dream
I'm in your corner baby
King Solomon, vcl; Charles Wright, g; band. Los Angeles, Ca. 1964
07. Separation n°1
08. I want to know
09. Yodeling this morning
10. Scratch my back
King Solomon, vcl; Charles Wright, g; band. Los Angeles, Ca. 1965
11. Big things
12. You ain't nothing but a teenager
King Solomon, vcl; Charles Wright, g; band. Los Angeles, Ca. 1966
13. Mr bad luck
14. S.K. blues
15. New figure
16. Let me be your eagle baby I & II
17. Almost midnight
18. Please Mr President
King Solomon, vcl; Charles Wright, g; band. Los Angeles, Ca. 1967
19. Separation n°2
20. Little dab will do it
21. Where is my shoe
22. What you got
Brainwashed woman
When a man loves a woman
I don't play that way
King Solomon, vcl; band. Los Angeles, Ca. 1968
23. Just a little faith
24. Sittin' here thinkin'
King Solomon, vcl; Joe Kincaid, g; band. Los Angeles, Ca. 1969
25. The natural look
26. No woman's no stranger
27. The miracle worker
28. The Moon Walk
29. Love bug
30. Something's wrong with me
King Solomon, vcl; Joe Kincaid, g; band. Los Angeles, Ca. c. 1977
31. I got a sweet tooth for your love
32. If I were a strong man
33. Energy crisis
34. Political rag
35. Ain´t it funky ya´ll I & II
36. Sexy baby
37. Get up soul brother
38. Don´t play this song
39. A little dab will do ya

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  1. King Solomon/ Complete Recordings
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    CD1: 1961-69:!OQp12KpR!W0YNrp5MAx-euidV6tp6SaJ7XrGHaIxxjkCRo7L4-bI

    CD2: (Energy Crisis LP)!bcoHWC5I!HeKcWiIIFow8OAaw42wqOGMtCOpDGSbF7yEfECII-14

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