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dimanche 24 février 2019

CHICAGO/ The Blues Yesterday Volume 23

CHICAGO/ The Blues Yesterday Vol. 23

For this new opus of our never ending (?) series Chicago/ The Blues Yesterday, let's put the limelights once again upon bluesmen/women who mostly escaped from any fame.
            Singer and drummer Jack Cooley is the best known of the three artists featured here but we don't know for sure his date (and place) of birth and death. He nevertheless recorded quite extensively, although most of his 78s and 45s are hard to find items. We have been able to get 16 tracks out of a total of 24. He started to record for Mayo Williams in 1945 for the short lived "Chicago" label and the following years backed by no other than Albert Ammons for Mercury. He seems to have been well known in the Chicago clubs and lounges as Cowboy Jack for his habit to wear a big Stetson hat on and out stage. During the 1950's, Jack Cooley recorded for many labels like Square Deal, Nashboro, States, Master, C&G... in a very driving R&B style with a good blues shouter's voice. It would be nice if anyone having the missing tracks would share them.
            Freddie Youngblood (often called Freddie Young or Freddy Youngblood) is a producer, singer and label owner from Chicago who was active during the 1960's to the 1980's. He is certainly not a great singer but his records are quite worthy for the backing musicians, Hubert Sumlin, Eddie Taylor, Lafayette Leake et al. I have included all his known sides, even the odd Sould Strings (B side of Youngblood's own label Sould Sound #752) which is in fact a straight reissue of a late Morris Pejoe's 45, Pejoe's Soul Strings without any mention of the real lead guitarist!
            Ann Carter is a complete unknown, having recorded only one 78 for the Blue Lake label in 1945. Good stuff anyway with a solid band led probably by drummer Red Saunders.

CHICAGO/ The Blues Yesterday/ Volume 23
JACK COOLEY, vcl/dms; His Cooley Boy, band. Chicago, Ill. June 1945
01. Time to think
Jack Cooley, vcl/ dms; Albert Ammons, pno; Ike Perkins, g; Israel Cosby, bs. Chicago, Ill. 2 July 1946
02. Why am I leaving you?
03. I don't want to see you
Jack Cooley, vcl/ dms; t-sax; pno; Israel Crosby, bs. Chicago, Ill. June 1947
04. The death of Piney Brown
I feel the blues
I deal in cats
I know the blues
Jack Cooley, vcl/dms; Roosevelt Sykes, pno. Chicago, Ill. 18 October 1947
05. Someting I'm going to be
06. Stop your evil ways
Jack Cooley, vcl/ dms; Buck Douglas, t-sax; band. Chicago, Ill. 1948
07. I'm a man
08. Douglas boogie
Caldonia's sister
Jack Cooley, vcl/dms; band. Chicago, Ill. 1950
09. Mr Two Gun Pete
10. 50 Dyna Flow
This is us
Ain't it nice
Jack Cooley, vcl; Tommy Jones, t-sax; Jimmy Robinson, pno; Israel Crosby, bs; Jump Jackson, dms. Chicago, Ill. 1951
11. It's so fine
12. Tom Tom boogie
13. Dyna Flow
14. Hear my story
Jack Cooley, vcl/dms; t-sax; pno; xyl; Willie Dixon, bs. Chicago, Ill. 16 February 1953
15. I could but I ain't
16. Rain on my window
Jack Cooley, vcl/dms; band. Chicago, Ill. 1956
Half way round the clock
Cooleys Cowboy Rock
FREDDIE YOUNGBLOOD, vcl/g; Eddie Taylor, g; Lafayette Leake, pno; Andrew Mc Mahon, bs; Robert Wright, dms. Chicago, Ill. 1964
17. Monkey business
18. Someday baby
Freddie Youngblood, vcl/g; Hubert Sumlin, g; band. Chicago, Ill. 1971
19. That ain’t right
20. A bit of soul
21. If the blues was whiskey
Freddie Youngblood, vcl; Hubert Sumlin, g; band. Chicago, Ill. 10 March 1975
22. Downbeat blues
23. West Side shuffle
Freddie Youngblood, vcl; band. Chicago, Ill. 1982
24. Sould strings (in fact 1969 by Morris Pejoe)
25. Last november
ANN CARTER, vcl; Sonny Cohn, tpt; Flip Ricard, tpt; Porter Kilbert, a-sxa; Leroy Washington, t-sax; Earl Washington, g; Jimmy Richardson, bs; Red Saunders, dms. Chicago, Ill. May 1954
26. You oughta quit it
27. Lovin' daddy blues

Thanks to our friends Klaus Killian and Tom Thumb who provided us a more correct Freddie Youngblood's discography. 

Unknown (ts) Freddy Young (g) unknown el-b and d. Chicago, early 1963
Dark river
Limbo rock
Freddy Young (vcl,g) acc by Lafayette Leake (org) Eddie Taylor (g) Andrew "Blueblood" Mac Mahon (el-b) Robert "Huckleberry Hound" Wright (d); Chicago, 1964
Monkey business (A bit of soul*)
That ain't right
Someday baby
Freddie Young Blood (vcl)  acc by Little Mack (hca) Sunnyland Slim (p) Lafayette Leake (org) Hubert Sumlin, Eddie Taylor (g) Odell Campbell (el-b) Willie Williams (d) Chicago, December 1971
If blues was whiskey
(This tune borrows the instrumental track from "Special agent" by Andrew "Blueblood" Mac Mahon substituting Young's vocal for Mac Mahon's and dubbing on at the same time the organ backing by Lafayette Leake.)
As Freddy Youngblood & Joann Adison (vcl duets) acc by unknown band Chicago, June 1974
The hickey game
That ain't right (the above title is identical to the one recorded in 1964)
Freddy Youngblood (vcl) acc by Hubert Sumlin (g) + others Chicago, c; March 10, 1975
Baby Brown
Note : At the above session 4 more unknown titles were recorded.
Freddie Youngblood (vcl) acc p, 2 g's, el-b and unknown d Chicago, 1981

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  1. Chicago/ The Blues Yesterday/ Vol. 23


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  7. Thank you, Gerard, for another enjoyable and enlightening collection. You continue to make available the work of lesser known artists who are well worth hearing.

  8. I love these. Does anyone know if Chicago will ever finish their Chicago Blues Experience project? I can't believe the lack of support the blues gets from the city of Chicago tourism with all of the great history that has taken place there.

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    A wonderful collection of unknows or hardly knowns. Thank you so much. Something to enjoy (and learn a little)

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    James Montgomery - First Time Out 1973 + some scans and info in 320.