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We start this third volume of our Los Angeles blues series with pianist (and not guitarist as it is written in Blues Discography) Memphis Eddie who was already featured in Los Angeles blues Volume 2. But thanks to our friends Mike & Mike from Australia, we now have the complete recordings of this fine artist. Memphis Eddie Pee is in fact Eddie P. Johnson, born in Hughes (Ark) 16 April 1919 and died in Los Angeles on 16th June 1963. He remains an almost unknown although he has recorded several 78s for Globe, Foto and RPM between 1945 and 1950.
            Blues Taylor is Johnny Taylor who recorded a handful of tracks in 1949 for Capitol and Blue and another batch in 1954 for the Hollywood label. Contrarily as one can read on so many websites, this Johnny Taylor has nothing to do with the others bluesmen of the same name.
            Rickey Jordan had a brief career in the mid-1940's as a blues and jazz singer, seeming to be the featured vocalist of the bassist Vivien Garry all-girl band in the Los Angeles area. May be a white cabaret singer, Ricky has a strong and swinging voice and it's too bad she recorded so few.
Vivien Garry
            Bobby Nunn was born Ulysses Nunn in Birmingham (Alabama) on 20 September 1925. He started a boxing career while serving at the US Air Force. After his discharge in 1947 he settled in Los Angeles and started a musical career, singing, performing and recording with The Robins as well as a duet with Esther Phillips. He also recorded under his own name in 1949-50 for several independent West Coast labels. Nunn died at his Los Angeles home on November 5, 1986.
            Thanks to Mike & Mike, John S. and the ever faithful Jose Yrrabera for sharing some of the rarest tracks inhere.
                                                           Gérard HERZHAFT

Volume 3
MEMPHIS EDDIE (Eddie Pee), vcl/g; William Bates, a-sax; Prince Albert, pno; band. Los Angeles, Ca. June 1945
01. Mistreated all the time
02. Going back to Smoky Mountain
Memphis Eddie, vcl/g; Prince Albert, pno; William Bates, a-sax; band. July 1945
03. Big leg mama
04. My house fell down
Memphis Eddie, vcl/g; pno; bs. Los Angeles, Ca. December 1947
05. Trouble blues
06. Hep chick
Memphis Eddie, vcl/g; band. Los Angeles, Ca. 25 May 1950
07. Velma Lee
08. Lonesome change
09. Mercy blues
10. I believe
Memphis Eddie, vcl/g; band. Los Angeles, Ca. 26 September 1950
11. Good time woman
12. Highway 61
13. Real fine girl
14. Baby Lou
JOHNNY "BLUES" TAYLOR, vcl; Gerald Wiggins, pno; Ulysses Livingstone, g; John Simmons, bs; Lee Young, dms. Los Angeles, Ca. 22 February 1949
15. Hackensack mama
16. Unwelcome blues
Somewhere someday
People are talking
Johnny "Blues" Taylor, vcl; band. Los Angeles, Ca. June 1949
17. West Coast baby
18. Rocky mountain blues
19. Mr Monkey man
20. Back alley blues
RICKEY JORDAN, vcl; Teddy Buckner, tpt; Les Robinson, a-sax; Lucky Thompson, t-sax; Teddy King, pno; Arv Garrison, g; Vivien Garry, bs; Edward Hall, dms. Los Angeles, Ca. october 1946
Vivien Garry Orchestra
21. A.B.C. blues
22. Blues in the storm
23. Night and day
24. Rickey's blues
Rickey Jordan, vcl; Lucky Thompson, t-sax; band. Los Angeles, Ca. november 1946
25. Drop dead
26. Stormy weather
BOBBY NUNN (Ulysses Nunn), vcl; Bumps Myers, t-sax; band. Los Angeles, Ca. 1949
27. I got a country gal
28. Anticipating blues
29. I am clappin' and shoutin'
30. Bring your loving back to me
31. I am telling you
Bobby Nunn, vcl; The Robbins, vcls; band. Los Angeles, Ca. february 1950
32. Rockin'
33. That's what the good book says
Bobby Nunn, vcl; Que Martyn, t-sax; band. Los Angeles, Ca. 1952
34. Christmas bells

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  1. Los Angeles blues Volume 3!iFITjC7C!QB5XKAJkh0B1VOZM_OlN_l_EOEpoJwFK61Kv6SGidAk
    OK? As usual feedback is appreciated

  2. Great stuff Geard TYVM. Unfortunately I don't have the missing tracks.

  3. great post .... (comme d'habitude) .. thank you !!

  4. Thanks again Gerard, I'm looking forward to getting into these rare tracks.

  5. Some nice rare stuff Gerard ! Thanks !

  6. Apropos, Blues Taylor: Tracks 15 and 16 are from Capitol (78) 57-70003. Most interesting is the backing combo as this has to be jazz great Gerald Wiggins' first recorded date before moving to France in 1950 and recording his own stuff. Bassist John Simmons used to be Erroll Garner's regular bass player, while drummer Lee Young is the younger brother of tenorist Lester Young...- quite a supporting trio!
    Thanks for another fine compilation, Gerard!

  7. Ah, must be "supporting quartet". Forgot guitar player Ulysses Livingstone, at the time with Ella Fitzgerald, I think.

  8. merci Mr HERZHAFT ,toujours excellent

  9. merci Mr HERZHAFT ,toujours excellent

  10. Gérard,
    Thank you very much for this well thought out compilation.
    Quite an addition to volume 2.
    All the best.

  11. Always find something I was never aware of-thank you !

  12. Merci Gérard, je ne connais pas ces musiciens et j'ai hâte de les découvrir. Quelques pointures parmi les accompagnateurs (Lucky Thompson!!!)

  13. Thank you Gérard, excellent and surprising, as usual!

  14. Hello Gérard,

    The first time I heard Rickey Jordan on Exclusive 78s I thought the vocalist was female as well, not so. Rickey was a young man who was a regular on the Earl Carroll broadcasts in the 1940s. His backing on the Exclusive 78s is the Vivien Garry Trio - Vivien Garry, bass; Arv Garrison, guitar; and Wine Beatty, piano.

    Jim Harrod
    Jazz Research