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mardi 23 juin 2020



This new series is dedicated to some not very well known blues singers from or related to the Crescent City but who have nevertheless recorded some very fine music.
            Chubby Newsome (or Newsom) was born Velma Williams (and not Velma Nelson as some sources wrongly write Velma Nelson is a different artist from Los Angeles) on 27 January 1920 in Wilburton (Ok). She started singing in Detroit with the King Allen and His Royal Sultans' band and after the war under the nickname "Chubby" (probably for her curvy figures) Newsome or even "The Bombshell of Blues" in many Detroit R&B clubs, including the Club Sensation. She then toured a lot around the States, appearing in clubs and concert halls in New York, Buffalo, Dayton, Cincinnati, Memphis and such... She relocated herself in New Orleans in 1948, her acts being celebrated by The Louisiana Weekly (2 October 1948) as "Chubby Newsome Motor City Rage now in Dew Drop Show"! During her stay at the Dew Drop Inn, Chubby was noticed by pianist/bandleader Paul Gayten who brought her at Cossimo Matassa's studio for her very first recording session that gave the hit
Hipshaking mama which climbed to the Top 10 in New Orleans, Washington DC and Atlanta. The following years saw Chubby Newsome touring the country (up to appearing at the Apollo Theatre alongside Wynonie Harris) and recording constantly either in New York or in New Orleans where she was, by far, one of the most sought after act. Around 1953, she teamed with Detroit singer Alberta Adams, launching a comedy act under the name The Bluezettes. She recorded a last session in 1957 in New York, still appearing at the Apollo during this time. During the early 60's, she dropped the exhausting life of a touring artist and stayed in her Detroit home, singing only sporadically in local clubs before relocating herself in Kansas City around 1983. She died there, largely forgotten by the blues world, on 12 September 2003. Her obituary in the Kansas City Star didn't even mention her former big success as a R&B singer.
Diamond Joe is generally more considered as a Soul singer but most of his records are largely blues oriented. He was born Joseph Maryland in 1936 at Houma (Terrebone Parrish, Louisiana). His whereabouts and life are largely undocumented although we know that he was a US Air Force veteran and that he recorded a string of very fine 45s in New Orleans during the 1960's, produced by Allen Toussaint who is certainly present on all his sessions. He drifted into utter obscurity after that, being reported living without incomes among his family in Houma where he died September 2, 2010.
            And then the mysterious Sweet Daddy Reed (James Reed Jr) could be, as some has written, Louisiana singer Dalton Reed who recorded a couple of very fine albums for the Rounder label during the early 1990's. This Reed died of a heart attack on 23 September 1994. But at that time, the very identity of Sweet Daddy Reed remains questionable. Here is anyway this quite rare 45s.
                                                           Gérard HERZHAFT

Thanks a lot to Marv Goldberg (from whom I picked most of the Chubby Newsome's bio details) and Fonsoul who posted the rare Sweet Daddy Reed 45 on his first rate YouTube channel.

CHUBBY NEWSOME (Velma Williams), vcl; Wallace Davenport, tpt; Lee Allen, t-sax; Frank Campbell, b-sax; Paul Gayten, pno; Jack Scott, g; George Pryor, bs; Robert Green, dms. New Orleans, La. November 1948
01. Hip shakin' mama
02. Chubby's confession
03. Back bitin' woman
04. Bedroom blues
Chubby Newsome, vcl; Dave Bartholomew, tpt; Joe Harris, a-sax; Herb Hardesty, t-sax; Salvador Doucette, g; Ernest Mc Lean, g; Frank Fields, bs; Earl Palmer, dms. New Orleans, La. January 1949
05. Close to train time
06. New Orleans lover man
Chubby Newsome, vcl; tpt; saxes; Howard Biggs, pno; Gene Ramey, bs; Jo Jones, dms. New York City, 19 December 1949
07. You better find a job
08. Hard loving mama
09. Please throw this poor dog a bone
10. I'm still in love with you
Chubby Newsome, vcl; horns; Howard Biggs, pno; Gene Ramey, bs; Al Taylor, dms. New York City, 23 February 1951
11. Where's the money honey?
12. Little fat woman with the coconut head
Chubby Newsome, vcl; Paul Gayten, pno; John Hunt, tpt; Sam Butera, t-sax; Pee Wee Moore, b-sax; Thomas Legaye, bs; Wesley Landers, dms. New Orleans, La. 15 April 1951
13. Hip shakin' mama blues
14. He may be your man
Chubby Newsome, vcl; Baby Cortez, pno; band. New York City, 1957
15. Toodle luddle baby
16. When are you coming home?
DIAMOND JOE (Joe Maryland), vcl; Allen Toussaint, kbds; band. New Orleans, La. 2 February 1961
17. Moanin' and screamin' I & II
Diamond Joe, vcl; band. New Orleans, La. 10 octobre 1961
You're gonna cry
Diamond Joe, vcl; Allen Toussaint, kbds; band. New Orleans, La. 3 January 1962
18. Help yourself
19. Fair play
Diamond Joe, vcl; Allen Toussaint, kbds; band. New Orleans, La. 1965
20. Too many pots
21. If I say goodbye
Diamond Joe, vcl; Allen Toussaint, kbds; band. New Orleans, La. 1966
22. How to pick a winner
23. Wait a minute baby
24. Hurry back to me
25. Don't set me back
Diamond Joe, vcl; Allen Toussaint, kbds; band. New Orleans, La. 1967
26. Gossip gossip
27. It doesn't matter anymore
Diamond Joe, vcl; Allen Toussaint, kbds; band. New Orleans, La. 1968
28. The ABC song
29. Look way back
SWEET DADDY REED (James Reed Jr), vcl; Rodger Lewis, t-sax; The Desert Tones, band. New Orleans, La. 1969
30. Reconsider blues
31. I believe to my soul

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