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samedi 5 septembre 2020

AFBF 1963/ The Very Complete Sessions

A.F.B.F. 1963
The Very complete sessions
October 1963. Recorded in various locations in Germany, France and Great Britain

Memphis Slim, vcl/pno: M.T. Murphy, g; Willie Dixon, bs; Bill Stepney, dms.
01. Wish me well
02. Blues everywhere I go
03. Slim's boogie
04. Everyday I have the blues
05. John Henry
M.T. Murphy, g; Memphis Slim, pno; Willie Dixon, bs; Bill Stepney, dms.
06. Muphy's boogie
07. Matt's guitar boogie
Willie Dixon, vcl/bs; Memphis Slim, pno; M.T. Murphy, g; Bill Stepney, dms.
08. Nervous
09. Sittin' and cryin' the blues n°1
10. Sittin' and cryin' the blues n°2
11. Crazy for my baby
Lonnie Johnson, vcl/g.
12. Careless love
13. Another night to cry
14. See see rider
Victoria Spivey, vcl/ukulele/piano; Willie Dixon, bs; Bill Stepney, dms.
15. Grant Spivey
16. T.B. blues
Victoria Spivey, vcl; Lonnie Johnson, g; Sonny Boy Williamson (Rice Miller), hca; Willie Dixon, bs; Bill Stepney, dms.
17. Black snake blues
Big Joe Williams, vcl/g.
18. I have no friends
19. Cripple and blind blues
20. Down in the bottom
21. Baby please don't go
22. Mean stpefather
Otis Spann, vcl/pno; Sonny Boy Williamson (Rice Miller), hca; M.T. Murphy, g; Willie Dixon, bs; Bill Stepney, dms.
23. Going down slow
24. Had my fun
25. Spann's blues
Sonny Boy Williamson (Rice Miller), vcl/hca
26. Bye bye bird
27. Sleeping by myself
28. Sonny Boy's harmonica boogie
Sonny Boy Williamson (Rice Miller), vcl/hca; M.T. Murphy, g; Otis Spann, pno; Willie Dixon, bs; Bill Stepney, dms.
29. Keep it to yourself
30. The things you do
31. I don't know
32. Nine below zero
33. Walk when I walk
34. Cheatin' blues
35. Sad to be lonesome
36. Someday baby
37. The sky is crying
Muddy Waters, vcl/g.
38. Captain you treat me so mean
39. Rolling stone
Muddy Waters, vcl/g; Otis Spann, pno; M.T. Murphy, g; Willie Dixon, bs; Bill Stepney, dms.
40. Sun rose this morning
41. My home is on the delta
42. Five long years
43. Got my mojo working n°1
Add Sonny Boy Williamson (Rice Miller); hca.
44. Got my mojo working n°2
Finale: Everybody
45. Bye bye blues

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  1. AFBF 1963/ The Very complete sessions


  2. Magnifique !
    Merci Mr Encyclopédie du Blues !!

  3. Magnifique ! Merci Mr Encyclopédie du Blues !!

  4. Looks very good. Many thanks Gerard. I remember I had the original issue of AFBF 1963, it was one of the first blues LPs I had and was played frequently.

  5. TYVM Gerard - it's great to listen to the whole 1963 session.

  6. Merci Gérard....j'avais déjà la 1ère version avec 17 tracks....maintenant c'est Byzance avec 45 tracks
    Great job as usual

  7. Merci Gérard, je possède l'ensembles des 33t de ces tournées, et je suis surpris de découvrir l'intégralité des concerts.
    Comment trouves tu tout cela ???
    En tout cas chapeau , encore une fois merci pour le partage de tes connaissances bluesycales .
    BOBBY (membre du CRB)

  8. Thanks for this collection!

  9. Thank you, Gérard for this complete collection. I had 15 plus 14 tracks. So a lot of new tracks.

  10. Hi Gérard,
    I’ve found you again. This time through “Darius, Don't You Get The Feelin”. Last year I downloaded a lot of your stuff. And suddenly you were gone. I missed to notice that you are back. Your blog was as great then as it is now. Now I’ve been busy backtracking back to early 2019. Thanks for all the links that are still available. Only one album is having a link that is dead. DETROIT BLUES MASTERS - Volume 13. It is a zippyshare. Upload please!!
    Thanks for being back.
    //Roffe from Sweden

    1. Ouch! I didn't know I had disappeared? I was never gone...
      I will re-up Detroit blues masters Volume 13 in a near future and not on zippy which delete the files as fast as I upload them!

    2. Here it is
      Detroit Blues Masters 13

  11. Thank you,, Gerard, for this magnificent collection.