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jeudi 24 septembre 2020

AFBF 1964/ The Complete Sessions


A.F.B.F. 1964/ The Complete Sessions

All tracks recorded october 1964 in various locations in Europe


Sonny Boy Williamson (Rice Miller), vcl/hca.

01. Bye bye bird

Sonny Boy Williamson (Rice Miller), vcl/hca; Hubert Sumlin, g.

02. I'm trying to make London my home

03. Got to cut that out

Sonny Boy Williamson (Rice Miller), vcl/hca; Hubert Sumlin, g; Sunnyland Slim, pno; Willie Dixon, bs; Clifton James, dms.

04. Dissatisfied

Sleepy John Estes, vcl/g; Hammie Nixon, hca.

05. I'm a tearing little daddy

06. Your best friend is gone

Sunnyland Slim, vcl/pno; Hubert Sumlin, g; Willie Dixon, bs; Clifton James, dms.

07. Come on home baby

08. Everytime I get to drinking I

09. Everytime I get to drinking II

10. Devil is a busy man

11. Be my baby

12. It's you baby

13. Everytime I get to drinkin' III

14. Bassology

15. One room country shack

16. Come on home baby II

17. Going to California

18. Train I ride

19. See see rider

20. C Jam blues

21. I done you wrong

22. Tin Pan alley

23. Theme song

Willie Dixon, vcl/bs; Sunnyland Slim, pno.

24. Nervous

Willie Dixon, vcl/bs; Sunnyland Slim, pno; Hubert Sumlin, g; Clifton James, dms.

25. My babe

John Henry Barbee, vcl/g.

26. Cotton pickin' blues

Lightnin' Hopkins, vcl/g.

27. Ain't it a pity

28. Baby please don't go

29. Come go with me

30. Lightnin's blues

31. Mojo hand

Hubert Sumlin, g; Sunnyland Slim, pno; Willie Dixon, bs; Clifton James, dms.

32. No title boogie

Sugar Pie De Santo, vcl; Hubert Sumlin, g; Sunnyland Slim, pno; Willie Dixon, bs; Clifton James, dms.

33. Baby what you want me to do

34. Rock me baby

35. Slip in mules

36. You got me running


Howlin' Wolf was of course on that legendary tour and, in an exceptional shape, he stole the show and tore up audiences all over Europe.

I have already gathered all his possible recordings made during this tour . You can find them on the post


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    1. AFBF 1964/ Complete Sessions


  2. Bonjour Gérard. C'est toujours un grand bonheur d'écouter ces grands musiciens.Et ce son fabuleux !! Plénitude. Merci.

  3. Excelente trabajo, como siempre.Muchas gracias.

  4. Many thanks Gerard. I'm curious were those Sunnyland Slim tracks #7-#23 every issued as an album? They look like they could have been, and if so it's an album by SS that I don't have.

    1. No, this is not a particular Sunnyland album. I have grabbed all the possible tracks recorded or "captured" during this European tour. A few comes from LPs or CDs but the majority has never been issued as such.
      In fact, all blues fans should be aware that all those historical concerts have been aprtly or entirely recorded all over Europe for jazz radio stations and have been broadcasted a few weeks after the shows in Germany, Great Britain, France, Belgium, Netherlands and probably other countries. The problem is: where are those tapes? In which vaults are they buried? Two years ago, the French label Fremeaux & associés unearthed by chance the complete Paris (two) concerts of the AFBF 1962 and issued it on a striking 3 CDs. But I know for sure that the following AFBFs (at least until 1967) have also been recorded in Paris and broadcasted by radio stations.... the searches, albeit uneasy, are still going on.

    2. I always remain eternally hopeful for positive results from these searches! Thanks, Gerard.

  5. Merci beaucoup, Gérard!

  6. thanks so much, my friend, excelente trabajo, saludos

  7. Thank You, Gérard. Great music. Best - ML Brooklyn, NY