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jeudi 26 novembre 2020

AFBF 1966/ The Complete Sessions


AFBF 1966/ The complete sessions


All tracks recorded all over Europe during october 1966

To my great dismay, I couldn’t attend the Paris concert of this AFBF 1966 (october 1966). In fact, Uncle Charles (De Gaulle) had called me and I was drafted in September 1966. I made a two year military duty in the French West Indies. But my (little) brother Cisco with whom I shared the same love for folk and blues attended the show and made me a complete and detailed account what happened this very evening. He also sent me the programme and recordings of the concert that a French radio (Europe 1) had recorded and broadcasted during that month. I have included some of those recordings in this compilation despite a rather poor sound. 

Roosevelt Sykes, vcl/pno; Jack Myers, bs; Fred Below, dms.

01. Running the boogie

02. Sail on

03. Tall heavy woman

04. Boot that thing

05. Night time is the right time

Sleepy John Estes, vcl/g; Yank Rachell, mdln/vcls.

06. You shouldn’t do it

07. Tan little daddy

08. Yellow yam blues (vcl: Yank Rachell)

Junior Wells, vcl/hca; Otis Rush, g; Jack Myers, bs; Fred Below, dms.

09. Hoodoo man blues

10. Checkin’ upon my baby

11. Over yonder walls

12. Shake my hand

13. A tribute to Sonny Boy Williamson

14. Vietnam blues

15. What’d I say

Little Brother Montgomery, vcl/pno; Jack Myers, bs; Fred Below, dms.

16. I keep on drinking

Robert Pete Williams, vcl/g.

17. Louise

18. Don’t the moon lokk lonesome

Sippie Wallace, vcl; Little Brother Montgomery, pno; Jack Myers, bs; Fred Below, dms.

19. Suitcase blues

20. Up the country

21. Woman be wise

Otis Rush, vcl/g; Little Brother Montgomery, pno; Jack Myers, bs; Fred Below, dms.

22. All your love

23. It takes time

24. Sweet little angel

Big Joe Turner, vcl; Otis Rush, g; Little Brother Montgomery, pno; Jack Myers, bs; Fred Below, dms.

25. Well, oh well!

26. Chains of love

27. Flip flop and fly

Big Joe Turner, vcl; Otis Rush, g; Roosevelt Sykes, pno; Jack Myers, bs; Fred Below, dms.

28. Roll’em Pete



All photos come from my AFBF 1966 programme by Ray Flerlage, Horst Lippman, Valerie Wilmer, Stephanie Wiesand, Gunther Kieser

A lot of thanks to Xyros for his help.

Les Rolls Royce de l'harmonica se trouvent sur Harmonicaland 

The Rolls Royces of the harmonica are at Harmonicaland

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  1. AFBF 1966/ The complete sessions

    OK? And all comments are welcome.

    1. merci, mr. herzhaft (do ya know what it means in german !??!) ... i´ve missed the AFBF 1966 in east-berlin also (and 4 years later the army called me too). anyway, i really like your interesting blog. write on & all the best 2U from winne.

  2. Wonderful, thanks very much Gerard.

  3. Salut Gerard,
    merci a toi pour ce nouveau post; bon weekend et garde-toi bien mon ami.

  4. TYVM for another great post of the AFBF Gerard - great stuff!

  5. Merci beaucoup, Gérard!

  6. Thank you for completing the AFBF experience!

  7. Merci Gérard. Très appréciable d'écouter cette belle série des "complete AFB". Prenez soin de vous.

  8. Thank you, Gerard. Another great and important posting.
    The impact of the AFBFs on England's and Europe's blues and beat royalty has never been properly told. Clapton, Stones and thousands more were first exposed to the blues when the AFBFs visited our shores! They got here the respect and appreciation they didn't get at home. I also remember how I spent a small fortune to buy a bottle of whiskey after closing time for Fred McDowell to be able to go on stage...and how I helped John Lee Hooker cope with signing the many fans' LPs pushed trough the door...Great times and fond memories!

    1. Thanks Varenna. I wrote many essays on the great importance and influence of those first AFBFs. All those were strongly featured in my Encyclopedia of the blues since the very first edition in 1979

    2. Thank you, Gerard. Will look up for sure. But why did this not get more coverage in the general musical press? A real pity as this would have helped many cash strapped blues musicians. A few exceptions of course, e.g. Fred MacDowell playing in the supporting program of the Stones...Thanks for all!

  9. Fantastic! i first saw the AFB Festival in 1968 ..made me discover a whole new universe! Merci beaucoup!

    Stuffy from Sweden

  10. Thank you very much for this fantastic look back at a time when the blues were not well receipted in the USA but Europe gave them a chance to shine and change the face of music.

  11. Hi Gerard,

    Was wondering if you could help me out with Arkansas Slim.

    Willie Miller, Jr. A.K.A. Arkansas Slim ‎– Nine Pounds Of Steel (Leopard 002) (1984). Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  12. I was at their concert in the Hague that year. I remember nearly all still. And how they teased Little Brother Montgomery about being so homesick.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this!