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jeudi 10 juin 2021






This fourth volume of our Los Angeles blues series gathers four quite obscure artists.

We start with Andy Belvin. I didn't find much about this singer who recorded in L.A. but with a noted New Orleans R&B manner. He issued at least five 45s with the two first (which are here) being blues and R&B. He recorded later with the Third Generation group and is also mentioned as a producer for several other Soul or Pop artists during the 1960s/70's.

            Willie Garland (Garland Manuel) is a singer and harmonica player who recorded a couple of tracks under the moniker Garland The Great in 1955 and then again twelve years later in 1967 with the Maxwell Davis unit.

            Carl Green, a R&B singer, must not be confused with other Carl Greens, particularly the tenor sax player who backed many Bay Area bands. This Carl Green (on whom I don't have much details) waxed a couple of tracks in 1953 and maybe ten years later with the female vocal group The Aquinetts.


At last Mamie Perry (or Mamie Reed, Mamie Ree, Mamie Jenkins...) is a little better known as she was the wife of Gus Jenkins who produced most of her records. She started her career as a vocalist for the Jake Porter band and then and hereafter recorded fifteen titles, even enjoying a modest local hit with I'm hurted in 1958. A fine singer.

            I've unfortunately been unable to grab more about those blues artists, not even their birth and deaths dates! But their music happily stands as a testimony of their real talents.

                                                           Gérard HERZHAFT


ANDY BELVIN, vcl; band. Los Angeles, Ca. 1962

01. Prettiest girl

02. Walking the blues

Andy Belvin, vcl; Harmonica Fats, hca; band. Los Angeles, Ca. 16 february 1963

03. Travellin' mood

04. Flip flip

WILLIE GARLAND (Garland Manuel), vcl/hca; band. Los Angeles, Ca. november 1955

05. Tree stump jump

06. Strike a match

07. Hello Miss Sims

Willie Garland, vcl/hca; Maxwell Davis, pno; Irving Ashby, g; Thomas Cox, g; James Crutcher, bs; Abraham Mills, dms. Los Angeles, Ca. 31 january 1967

08. Black widow spider

09. Soul blues

10. Address in my hand

CARL GREEN, vcl; Willard Mc Daniel, pno; Maxwell Davis, t-sax; band. Los Angeles, Ca. 4 february 1953

11. Boogie freight

12. Four years seven days

13. Horizon

14. My best friend

MAMIE PERRY, vcl; poss. Gus Jenkins or Jimmie O'brien, pno; Jake Porter, tpt;  Reginald Jones, bs; Jimmy Burns, dms. Los Angeles, Ca. 1955

15. Your lovin' is just all right

16. I wake up this morning

Mamie Perry, vcl; Gus Jenkins, pno/vcls; prob. Jake Porter's band. Los Angeles, Ca. 1955

17. You lied

18. Caught

19. No need acting like that

Mamie Perry, vcl; Gus Jenkins, pno; band. Los Angeles, Ca. august 1957

20. Hambone

21. Jump with me baby

Mamie Perry, vcl; Gus Jenkins, pno; band. Los Angeles, Ca. august 1958

22. I'm hurted

23. My baby waited too long

Mamie Perry, vcl; Gus Jenkins, pno; band. Los Angeles, Ca. 1959

24. Lament

25. Love lost

26. Someday baby

Mamie Perry, vcl; Gus Jenkins, pno; band. Los Angeles, Ca. 1960

27. Jealous of you baby

Mamie Perry (as Mamie Lester), vcl; Gus Jenkins, pno; band. Los Angeles, Ca. 1964

28. What a dream

29. All by myself



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  7. Thanks as usual , Gerard ! One sees the name Belvin and recorded in LA and wonders if a relation to Jesse Belvin

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